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Beard Tips


What's the best way to clean my beard?

A clean beard is vital to maintaining a healthy beard. While traditional shampoos are great for the hair on your scalp, they strip away oils from your face & beard that are vital for beard health. The Beard Shampoo we have created is all natural, a

My beard is insanely unruly, mangled and tangled. HELP!

This condition is quite common, especially when beards start to reach a certain length. We recommend adding our Beard Balm to your regimen, as well as updating your tool kit.

Which beard is right for me?

There are many ways to grow an epic beard, and there are no wrong answers. Ultimately, it’s dependent upon your personal preference, and style. From a handlebar stache, to the full Father Time fantasy, we have you covered-- there are no rules!

I want to grow out my beard - but usually quit when it gets itchy. HELP!

This is quite common in the early stages of beard growth, and sometimes even later. To tackle this, we would recommend using our Cedar Beard Oil or Sandalwood Beard Oil, along with our Beard Shampoo & Beard Cream.