How to Fix a Patchy Beard

Having some issues growing out your mane? While it takes time to grow out a thick and luscious beard, here are some products and suggestions that can be used to help you throughout the process. Keep in mind that every beard is different, so embrace what you’ve got, groom it into a style that works best for you, and use the products that will take it as far as it can grow!


A healthy beard starts from the inside out. Start with healthy living, take care of your body, supply it with ample amounts of rest, exercise frequent and eat a proper diet filled with the nutrients your body personally needs.

The Beard Club’s Growth Vitamins were specially formulated with all the ingredients that are needed to support you in the growth phase. Used along with our Growth Vitamin Spray and our Growth Oil, your beard will have all of the essentials needed on your beard growth journey.

Get into a Solid Beard Care Routine

While beard patchiness is often based on genetics, age, and diet, there is a lot more that can be done to make it better. Thickening that thinning hair, filling in those bald spots, and getting rid of dreaded “beard itch” can all be improved with the right grooming route. Here are some types for what we suggest:

  • Cleanse and Hydrate
    • Use our Shampoo followed with our beard cream, to improve your skins' vitality and start provide nutrition to your hair straight from the roots.
  • Condition and Style
    • Apply small dime sized amounts of beard oil throughout the day, to get your beard hairs looking silky and feeling soft. The Beard Club’s oils are made of the most natural and purest ingredients including jojoba oil, argan oil, and vitamin E, all of which were carefully selected and tried by our bearded maven’s. 
  • Groom
    • Routinely training your beard hair to grow in without patches and keep it fully tamed means you have to teach it how to grow. No matter what grow stage you’re in, use tools like our Boar Bristle Brush, Wood Comb, and Sandalwood Mustache Comb to keep that beard looking fresh. 

Final tip of advice, don't give up brother! All good things take time, let your beard grow the way it was intended to. Treat it well, be proud of what you've got, and take care of your body from the inside out. 

To find out more about what products you can add to your beard care line-up, check out

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