What if I Have Too Much Product?

If you have more product that you are using there are few simples to altering your subscription so that it works for you. You can update your renewal date or choose to pause your membership.

Update your Renewal Date:

After logging into your member profile, select the ‘SUBSCRIPTIONS’ tab. Here, you’ll see the option to view your subscription in detail.

1. Select the ‘eye’ icon.


2. From this page, you’ll be able to manage everything in your subscription.


  1. Use the + and - symbols in the quantity column to add or remove units of an existing product in your current subscription
  2. Select the ‘REMOVE’ button next to an item listed in your current subscription to remove that item from your next box
  3. Select this button to add additional products to your subscription. Any added products will come in your next box.
  4. Select this button to change the renewal date for your subscription.


Pause my Membership:

If you’d like to wait longer than 30 days to receive your next box, you can change your renewal date to any date in the future. By doing this, you are effectively putting your subscription on pause until that selected date.

First log in to your account profile at www.thebeardclub.com/login. Next click into the Subscriptions page from the side menu bar, and then click the red icon that looks like an eye under "Action". On the next page click "Change Renewal Date". This will take you to a Pop-up that will ask you to choose the date you would like your subscription to renew. Select the "Confirm" button once you have selected a date.

You will be billed for your next box on the new date that you’ve selected as your renewal date.

Learn more about changing the renewal date for your subscription: How Do I Change the Renewal Date for My Subscription?



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