Fundamentals of growing a beard

Growing a beard takes great commitment. The first and most crucial step towards this path of epicness involves tossing your razor in the garbage and staying true to your word. Every bearded man knows that patience is a virtue, so keep in mind that the journey is the destination.

It may take anywhere from three weeks to two months for a true beard to grow in. Each beard varies from the next. It’s important to remember that age, genetics, and diet play a huge role in beard growth. Taking proper care of your beard will determine the rest (read more in Beard & Body Nutrition). Irritation, itchiness, and beard dandruff are all clear signs that your beard needs care and attention. Consistent use of our shampoo, oils, balms and creams will help alleviate these problems you may face during the early stages of the beard. Take damn good care of that hedge. A plant can’t grow without water - our beards get thirsty too. Keeping your beard moisturized and hydrated at all times is vital to maintaining a full and wholesome hedge.

Once your beard gains girth and becomes it’s own orbit, you will know you’re on the right track. Let that beast grow and take on a life of it’s own before trimming and shaping. Let it get a little wild at first to allow you to see what your beard really needs, and where it needs attention. If you prefer the clean and tight look, avoid hard lines with your beard. Consider a subtle fade when it comes to cheek and neck lines. We prefer our necks bearded anyway.

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