Beard Balm

The Beard balm is a silky conditioning balm used to strengthen, rejuvenate, and soften beard hair. Our balm provides enough hold to tame and style unruly facial hair. If applied consistently, you will see improvement in your face bristles, and be on your way to the healthiest, strongest beard possible.

You’ll soon be fighting off the ladies left and right with the brilliant shine of your beard and tantalizing scent of cedarwood and lavender essential oils.


How to use: Use your thumbnail to scrape a small amount from the tin. Rub the balm between your palms and fingertips, then massage gently into your beard. Amount needed will depend on your beard length and hair texture.

Rub the balm thoroughly into your beard and mustache, making sure it reaches the skin. The balm works great to moisturize and condition the beard and face, but is also heavier on the hair and thus will help with shaping and styling. After the balm is applied, use the boar bristle brush to assist in styling and calming the hair, and to spread the balm throughout your entire beard.

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