Beard Wax

Our beard wax is a firm sculpting wax formulated to hold your moustache and beard hairs in place. While beeswax is used to firmly hold your beard and moustache in place, it also works with the shea butter to properly soothe and condition for ultimate simultaneous hair and skin repair.

The essential oils in our formula provide additional moisture while also exuding pine and citrus scents that will magnetize any female within 50 yards of you.

The wax will do an amazing job taming and controlling your facial hair. While the consistency is much thicker and heavier, the effort to smooth this product into your mane is well worth the work. 

How to use: 
Use the back of your thumbnail and scoop a pea size amount onto your fingertips.Remember, a little goes a long way. Rub firmly between your fingertips until the wax is softened and warm. Massage into your moustache and style as desired. 

Once you are satisfied with the hold on the moustache, use the remainder of the wax to tighten up the beard. First along the sides to calm the wilder hairs, and then in a light pulling motion in the middle  and underneath the chin to add additional length.

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