How Do I Manage My Subscription and Account?

Need to edit your subscription or pause your membership? Good news, our new website makes this a whole lot easier. 

Read below if you started your subscription in October 2019 or later. If you have an active subscription that began before October 2019, skip this section and scroll to the bottom.  

You can now...

  • Skip individual products for a month or skip the entire monthly shipment altogether. 
  • Change how often you receive an individual product
  • Add or remove products to your next box
  • Earn and Redeem Rewards points
  • Change your shipment address
  • Change your payment method
  • View order history

First step: log in to your account

To skip individual items or a monthly shipment go to the first tab, "Next Shipment. Here, you can see the details of what's coming in your next box. If you'd like to skip the month for an individual product, simply press "Skip". If you're looking to skip your entire shipment, you'll need to click "Skip" on each item. 


If you need some products more often than others then click "Edit" to change the frequency in which you receive individual products. 


There are two great ways to add products to your account. Click "Get It" on any of the individual products to quickly add them to your next shipment.


Or click "Add Products" to discover all the different products you can add to your next box. 


To remove a product that is in your current subscription, click "Edit" and then click "Remove Product" from the pop-up menu. 



If you're looking to earn or redeem your Rewards points then you've also come to the right place. Click here to learn more about our rewards program. You'll need at least 100 points to redeem for a $10 reward.


If you redeem your points for a coupon, then copy the promo code and paste it into your account in the "Discount Code" field under "Your Next Shipment" section. 


Note: you can only use promo code at a time and per shipment. If you aren't able to use the promo code because you already used one, don't worry. It will wait for you to use in the "My Rewards" tab in rewards section. 


If you need to change your method of payment or address, you can do all of this in the "Overview" tab. 



If you have any other questions, contact us




This is for our members who started their subscription before October 2019: 

Here are the directions for adding or removing products and putting your membership on hold:

After logging into your member profile, select the ‘SUBSCRIPTIONS’ tab. Here, you’ll see the option to view your subscription in detail.

1. Select the ‘eye’ icon.


2. From this page, you’ll be able to manage everything in your subscription.


  1. Use the + and - symbols in the quantity column to add or remove units of an existing product in your current subscription
  2. Select the ‘REMOVE’ button next to an item listed in your current subscription to remove that item from your next box
  3. Select this button to add additional products to your subscription. Any added products will come in your next box.
  4. Select this button to change the renewal date for your subscription.

If you need to cancel your subscription entirely you can find information about how to do so at the link below.

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