What is The Beard Club

The Beard Club is an elite group of men who wear our hairy hearts on the heroic lines of our jaws. We don’t shave, we take care of each other, and we always give a head nod when we pass a fellow beardsman on the street.

We love women, children, nature, and animals. We also love slugging down beers, chopping down trees, fixing cars, and eating raw meat. More than anything, we respect the bearded glory that grows from our faces. We always keep our facial follicles hydrated, balmed up, well-groomed, and oiled to perfection.

Grooming a godly beard takes commitment, but growing one is easy. Just DON’T SHAVE, and let the freedom flow from your face. There is no greater honor than belonging to The Beard Club, the greatest club to ever exist.

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