How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You have the ability to cancel at any time. If you’re ever unhappy with your subscription, we won’t hold it against you!

First log in to your account profile at Next click into the Subscriptions page from the side menu bar, and then click the red icon that looks like an eye under "Action". On the next page click "Cancel", which is located directly underneath "Change Renewal Date". This will take you to a page where you will be given the following options - Put my Subscription on Pause (use this if you simply want to skip a month), Member Support (contact us about any issues you may be experiencing), Continue Cancelling (click this if you still wish to cancel), or Keep me in the Club (click this if you don't want to cancel and would like to return to your account profile). 

 To cancel, click 'No thanks, Continue to Cancel' and you will be taken to a page with some additional content. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Cancel my Subscription'. A pop-up message will appear with the question "Do you really want to cancel membership?". Click "Yes" and you will be returned to the Subscriptions page, where the subscription status will be shown as "Cancelled".


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    Tyler Roberts

    I got an email saying my next box has been shipped. I would like to cancel auto shipment. I don't need a new order every month. I would rather just order when I need

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    Hey Tyler;

    Thanks for your message, bearded brother! I am sorry for the confusion. The Beard Club Membership is a month-to-month, cancel-at-any-time membership with monthly deliveries and charges. When you sign up, you are signing up to receive these shipments monthly.

    If you would like to make a single purchase, you must contact us at customer service to cancel your membership after making your purchase. Please request cancellation at least 48 hours before your next billing cycle to avoid any unwanted charges or product.

    You can contact Member Services at: 

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