How Does the Membership Work?

Becoming a member of The Beard Club is easy! Create your customized box by selecting any products from our website. Continue creating your account by providing your shipping address and billing information.

We’ll ship you your first monthly Beard Box with beard care products and any one-time accessories that you’ve selected. After your first box arrives, you’ll continue to receive any recurring products every month. One-time accessories will only be sent in your first shipment, but you can login to your member profile at any time to add more accessories to your box.

Your subscription will renew automatically each month on the date that you created your first order. You will be billed accordingly for each month of beard products sent to you.

If you would like more product sent prior to your next scheduled delivery date, you can update your subscription to have an earlier renewal date. You also have the ability to pause your subscription by adjusting your renewal date to any date in the future.

Changing the products in your subscription is incredibly easy. If for some heartbreaking reason you would like to end your membership with us, then we will respect the decision of our bearded brother.

Learn more about changing your renewal date: How Do I Change the Renewal Date for My Subscription?
Learn more about changing the products in your subscription: How Do I Manage My Subscription?
Learn more about our cancellation policy: Cancellation Policy


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